The NPFL and San Francisco Fire Breathers

Cheryl SigningMy big news came to fruition March 25, 2014, when I signed a Letter of Intent with the San Francisco Fire Breathers of the National Pro Fitness League (NPFL)!

The NPFL is “Introducing the world’s first professional spectator sport with co-ed teams competing in human performance races. This is a mainstream sporting event that is fan, TV, and sponsor friendly. Picture two 8-person teams (4 men, 4 women, with one of each being over 40 years old) going head to head in matches throughout a season that is not unlike an abbreviated NFL season. Two-hour matches with fixed but flexible rules that are designed to force teams to strategize. The competitions will be easy to follow, and a very smart team that executes flawlessly could outwit a fitter team in any given match. There will be consistent structure for every match, all events known ahead of time, and substitutions on the fly.”

I can’t thank my training partner and Owner of CrossFit Allstar, KC Stallsmith, in explaining what this means to my Allstar friends and family.  KC blogged, “Cheryl will likely leave for training in June, and the first event will be held in August and run through October. She’s explained that she’ll likely be able to do at least 3 return visits back here to connect with her kids and family. WHAT THIS MEANS TO ME IS TROY WILL BE PLAYING THE ROLE OF MR.MOM FOR ABOUT 5 MONTHS!!! Let’s all lend a hand to help him with the kids and anything their family need’s while Cheryl is away! We’ll all miss Cheryl around the box, but we have LIVE TV EVENTS TO LOOK FORWARD TO!!!

I’ll be sure to share any other pertinent, public information as it comes about, but in short Cheryl has been picked, out of all the people on this planet, to be the Master’s Athlete for the San Fancisco Firebreathers. It’s no suprise to me, knowing just how perfect she’ll be in that role.

But it is, however, quite a feat after having had a complete Achilles rupture repair and removal of a bone spur just 10 months ago. I don’t think she ever once felt sorry for herself….she appeared to move right into rehab, slowly start training again, and then surpass her previous performance levels! CRAZY!  WE’LL BE ROOTING FOR YOU CHERYL!!! I’M SURE YOU’LL HEAR US ALL (IN SPIRIT ANYHOW!), ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE PACIFIC FROM THE BIG ISLAND TO SAN FRANCISCO! HECK YEAH! GO FIREBREATHERS!”

Truly, I have so many people to thank for helping me achieve this dream … but a few I must mention.  Dr. Colleen Hacker, Jeremy Stecker, Daren Kromarek, KC Stallsmith, CJ Martin, Al Police, Rocktape, Progenex, LivOn, the SF Fire Breathers, and of course my family.

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