I am Ready for the Open!

The 2014 CrossFit Games season is here!  As I approach the “Open”, many of you wonder how I’m doing.  First, know, I deeply appreciate your well wishes, thoughts, and prayers for me and my family during my Achilles rehabilitation!  I am equally grateful for my sponsors who have walked with and supported me during my recovery.  The great news is I am at 110%!

I say 110% for these reasons.  My Achilles is ‘relatively’ pain free for the first time in years … yea!  As far as training is concerned … yes, I box jump as fast or faster than I did prior to my injury.  I have PR’d my snatch, jerk, power clean, deadlift x3, push press, muscle-ups for time, and the list probably goes on.

Cheryl KCI must also mention my fantastic training partner, athlete, and CrossFit AllStar box Owner KC Stallsmith.  Without doubt, KC is as dedicated to the sport of CrossFit, her Box, her improvement as an athlete, and to my personal success as well.  To give a little insight, considering my family moving to Waimea, HI, word traveled quickly.  Here are some excerpts of what KC emailed when reaching out to me:

“Holy smokes girl this is cool!!! We are super excited to meet you guys, cannot believe you’ll be here!  Let me know if I can do anything for you and your family, short of finding a rental:).  CANNOT WAIT TO MEET YOUR FAMILY! Please stalk my website.  Love to hear your goals after your surgery, rehab, full steam ahead girl!  I’ve got to say, I selfishly look forward to you being in Waimea so I can train with you.  Anyhow, I hope the rumors are true and we very much look forward to meeting you if you do in fact move to Waimea. There’s lots of love for you here:) Aloha! –KC”.  KC … you are a true friend; thank you.

Needless to say, I am blessed!  So … only God knows what is in store for me this 2014 Games season?  Rest assured though, I will always give every WOD my best shot!

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